Instagram WordPress Plugins are essential for improving your WordPress website’s Instagram integration. Whether you want to showcase your Instagram photo feed, compose an engaging Instagram slider, incorporate the Instagram icon linked to your profile, or organize an Instagram giveaway for follower growth.

Learn how to boost your Instagram by following these top-tier Instagram WordPress plugins, hand-picked for excellent engagement.

Simplify your Instagram integration effortlessly with these recommended plugins for an improved user experience on your WordPress site.

Why use an Instagram WordPress Plugins?

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms globally, having a user base of over 2 billion monthly active users. This huge reach positions it as an ideal platform for promoting your products, services, and website.

Integrating an Instagram WordPress plugin into your WordPress website simplifies the process of incorporating Instagram content effortlessly. This integration facilitates the growth of your Instagram following and improves engagement with your photos and videos.

Showing your active presence on Instagram also establishes social proof with your website visitors, thereby augmenting your potential for online revenue.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the exclusive Instagram plugins available.

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Instagram Feed Pro

instagram feed pro by smash balloon

Instagram Feed Pro by Smash Balloon is an exclusive choice among Instagram WordPress plugins available in the market. With over 1.7 million websites leveraging its capabilities, this plugin enables users to effortlessly create customized Instagram photo feeds within WordPress.

A free version of the plugin is readily accessible, offering users the ability to prepare personalized Instagram social photo feeds with ease. While the free version includes a powerful set of features, upgrading to the Pro version unlocks additional functionalities such as various layout options including masonry grid, horizontal layout, carousel, and more.

Moreover, the Pro version enables users to showcase multiple Instagram feeds from various sources, including #hashtag feeds. It also facilitates the creation of shoppable feeds and incorporates a lightbox popup option equipped with built-in social sharing buttons.

Integrating your Instagram feed into any post or page is seamless, thanks to support for the block editor and a sidebar widget. Additionally, the plugin extends support for Instagram Stories and Reels, enabling users to showcase them on their WordPress sites effortlessly.

A unique feature of Smash Balloon’s Instagram plugin is its intelligent feed cache and backup functionality. This feature ensures swift loading times for Instagram photos on your site and guarantees their display even during instances of Instagram API downtime, providing a significant advantage.

envira gallery

Envira Gallery is a powerful, user-friendly WordPress photo gallery plugin, that offers speedy performance and powerful capabilities.

This plugin enables users to create advanced photo and video galleries within WordPress, featuring amenities such as albums, lightbox popups, pagination, tagging, watermarks, and more. Preparing galleries is effortless with the simple drag-and-drop builder and a selection of pre-built gallery templates.

Moreover, Envira Gallery offers an Instagram add-on, facilitating the simple importation of Instagram images into WordPress with just three clicks.

Users have the flexibility to either incorporate Instagram images directly into their blog, complete with lightbox functionality, or link the images directly to their Instagram posts.

This versatility can help in boosting follower count and engagement effectively.



RafflePress is a versatile giveaway and rewards plugin for WordPress, offering simple integration with Instagram to maintain follower growth.

With RafflePress, setting up engaging contests that encourage visitor interaction via Instagram becomes effortless. Users can incentivize specific actions such as visiting their Instagram profile or engaging with individual Instagram posts. Additionally, RafflePress facilitates different other actions to drive user engagement effectively.

For example, users can produce RafflePress giveaways or contests targeting their Instagram followers, encouraging them to visit specific pages on their website or join their email list for entry eligibility.

Renowned for its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, RafflePress is the premier giveaway and contest plugin for WordPress.

Users can kickstart their engagement efforts by analyzing the functionality offered through the free version of the RafflePress plugin.

Uncanny Automator

uncanny automator

Uncanny Automator is a leading WordPress automation plugin, offering simple integration with hundreds of applications to facilitate automated workflows.

Through its Instagram integration, Uncanny Automator enables users to create automated recipes developed to their specific needs.

These include actions such as automatically sharing a new photo on Instagram upon publishing a blog post, prompting users to post congratulatory photos on Instagram upon completing an online course, incentivizing users to share their purchase on Instagram for additional discounts from online stores, automatically publishing photos upon form submission, and more.

Uncanny Automator offers a free version that is perfect for smaller websites, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

In our expert assessment, this plugin is an essential tool for all websites, offering exceptional functionality and versatility in simplifying automation processes.



Soliloquy is an easy-to-use slider plugin for WordPress, perfect for creating responsive photos and video sliders.

Featuring a Dynamic slider addon, Soliloquy enables users to incorporate Instagram photos alongside other content such as featured blog post thumbnails and testimonials within a single slider.

Users have complete control over the selection of Instagram content to be included in their sliders, with the option to specify content based on tags or other criteria.

Additionally, Soliloquy offers extensive customization options, allowing users to adjust slider speed and tweak various settings to align with their website layout effortlessly.

Revive Old Posts

revive old posts

Revive Old Posts is a versatile social media scheduling plugin, that facilitates the seamless sharing of both old and new content across various social networks, including Instagram.

With Revive Old Posts, users gain the ability to customize schedules for their social media posts according to their preferences. Moreover, users can exercise control over the content shared on their blog by specifying date ranges or excluding certain categories or tags.

Furthermore, this Instagram WordPress plugin enables the sharing of photos from the media library directly to Instagram. Users can even automate the sharing of new posts immediately upon publication, accompanied by custom UTM tags for tracking purposes.

While a free version of the plugin is available, its functionality is limited to sharing content only on Facebook pages and Twitter.

10Web Social Photo Feed

10web social photo feed

10Web Social Photo Feed offers a swift setup process and enables the addition of Instagram feeds to any posts or pages on your WordPress site. In the free version, users can use it for either thumbnail or regular-sized images, while the premium version unlocks a broader list of customization options.

This plugin extends functionality to showcase Instagram posts directly in your WordPress sidebar, facilitated by a user-friendly built-in widget.

In its free version, 10Web Social Photo Feed allows users to incorporate single feeds from their Instagram account or a designated hashtag. Users can create various mixed feeds from multiple hashtags with the premium version.

The support team is known for their quick and helpful responses to user queries, regardless of whether they are free or premium users. Their commendable service is significant.

We hope this article has provided valuable insights to help you discover the best Instagram plugins for your WordPress website.