WordPress YouTube Plugins can enhance the performance of your WordPress website, especially if you’re a YouTube publisher. Selecting the most suitable plugins is crucial for boosting your YouTube subscribers and maximizing views.

In this guide, we will introduce the top WordPress YouTube Plugins. These plugins are designed to boost engagement and increase your subscriber base.

Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro:

smash balloon youtube feed pro

Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro is the ultimate WordPress YouTube Plugin. With this plugin, effortlessly fetch and exhibit your YouTube videos on your WordPress site.

This plugin offers four attractive layouts to suit your preferences: grid, list, carousel, or gallery view. Whether you want to highlight specific videos or transform your entire channel into a video gallery, the options are limitless. Moreover, it enables you to link multiple YouTube channels into a unified feed.

Improving engagement is at the core of this plugin’s design. It showcases essential social features such as likes, comments, and view counts for each video, alongside a prominent subscribe button for convenient channel subscriptions. Furthermore, it seamlessly supports YouTube Live, allowing visitors to enjoy live streams directly on your website.

youtube feed demo

Customization options abound with Smash Balloon. You can include custom actions like displaying video thumbnails or linking to products at strategic points within your videos. Unlike many other YouTube plugins, Smash Balloon prioritizes website speed by optimizing YouTube embeds, assuring videos are loaded only when users interact with your video feed.

Setting up and Customizing Smash Balloon is easy, and its sleek design provides compatibility across all devices and screen sizes.

envira gallery

Envira Gallery is a top-notch WordPress YouTube plugin, perfect for crafting stunning photo galleries on your website. With its Video add-on, you can effortlessly showcase responsive YouTube video galleries alongside your images.

This plugin is incredibly user-friendly. Just input your YouTube video URL, and the intelligent system will fetch the video thumbnails automatically. Using its Gutenberg block, embedding your video gallery onto any page or post in WordPress is a breeze.

Envira Gallery offers a variety of gallery layouts to choose from. Additionally, you can customize settings such as starting YouTube videos at specific timestamps, enabling autoplay, and toggling video controls on or off.

Beyond YouTube, Envira also supports videos from various platforms like Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Wistia, VideoPress, and even self-hosted videos, providing versatility for your multimedia needs.


optin monster

OptinMonster stands as the ultimate tool for improving conversions. It enables you to capture leads and transform website visitors into dedicated YouTube subscribers easily.

This tool offers many options for engaging your audience. From triggering lightbox popups featuring YouTube trailers and channel videos to incorporating simple yet compelling messages like ‘Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, OptinMonster facilitates the expansion of your subscriber base.

youtube popup om

Furthermore, OptinMonster provides a list of popup options including slide-in popups, floating banners, spin-to-win popups, full-screen popups, and mobile-optimized banners. Each of these tools serves as a platform to showcase your YouTube channel, garnering more views, likes, and subscriptions.

With its display rules, OptinMonster enables personalized content delivery. Customize your approach based on user behavior, content interests, geographical location, and more, ensuring a targeted and effective outreach strategy.

YouTube Subscribe Bar:

youtube subscribe bar

YouTube Subscribe Bar plugin simplifies the process of gaining subscribers directly from your website. It adds a straightforward subscribe button, allowing users to subscribe to your YouTube channel without being redirected to YouTube’s platform.

This tool proves particularly useful when you have individual YouTube videos embedded on your site, as the subscribe button conveniently appears alongside the video content.

Setting up this plugin is very easy – simply input your channel ID, and the plugin handles the rest by seamlessly linking your website to YouTube. From there, every video embedded within your blog posts will feature a Subscribe Bar located at the bottom, encouraging easy subscription.



TrustPulse is the leading social proof application for WordPress websites, providing a powerful platform to display real-time user interactions. By showcasing these interactions, TrustPulse effectively adds social credibility to your site and taps into the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect.

This plugin monitors various user activities on your site, including clicking on subscribe buttons, signing up for emails, making purchases, and downloading content. Subsequently, these activities are presented through subtle popups, enhancing credibility without being intrusive.

trustpulse youtube campaign

Moreover, TrustPulse offers seamless integration with your YouTube account via Zapier, enabling the display of notifications for new video uploads. Additionally, it automatically identifies your eCommerce platform, ensuring that user actions are quickly showcased as they occur.



RafflePress takes the lead as the ultimate giveaway plugin for WordPress, providing a user-friendly platform to organize contests and giveaways on your website to boost subscribers and video views.

Running giveaways presents a straightforward strategy to swiftly increase your YouTube channel’s subscriber count, and RafflePress promotes these initiatives to new heights. With its intuitive drag-and-drop builder or pre-designed templates customized for YouTube, you can effortlessly create impactful giveaways inspired by successful campaigns.

This plugin isn’t limited to YouTube alone; it extends its reach to other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, broadening your social influence. The capability to track campaign success allows you to estimate the effectiveness of your strategies, refining your approach for future YouTube giveaways.

rafflepress setup

RafflePress proves to be a cost-effective alternative to paid ads, providing a means to improve engagement and drive traffic to your YouTube channel concurrently.

Widget Responsive for YouTube:

widget responsive yt

Widget Responsive for YouTube offers a convenient way to integrate YouTube videos into your website’s sidebar, pages, and posts, even if they’re not from your channel. You can embed any YouTube video by simply entering its URL without needing to connect to a YouTube channel.

Connecting to your channel is only necessary if you wish to include a Subscribe button alongside the video.

This plugin simplifies the embedding process by providing a straightforward input field for the video URL, instantly generating a YouTube player. It’s user-friendly and offers various customization options, allowing you to adjust the player’s theme, colors, and displayed details.

Advanced settings enable you to specify start and end times, enable subtitles, and hide the YouTube logo. Additionally, you can activate Google Analytics to monitor the video’s performance on your website.

Moreover, Widget Responsive for YouTube supports Schema.org for rich snippets, enhancing the SEO friendliness of your videos.

Lazy Load:

lazy load

Lazy Load developed by the creators of WP Rocket, is a plugin designed to enhance website speed. Specifically focusing on video embeds, it optimizes performance by loading the embed code only when necessary.

Typically, embedding a YouTube video on your site requires loading the entire embed code, which can slow down your site’s loading time. However, Lazy Load initially resolves this issue by displaying only an image placeholder, deferring the video loading until a user actively views it.

Please note: If you’re already using Smash Balloon, it incorporates lazy loading functionality by default, eliminating the need for this plugin.

WP YouTube Live

wp youtube live

WP YouTube Live is a free WordPress YouTube plugin, that facilitates the display of YouTube live-stream videos directly on your website.

Setting up the plugin involves obtaining a Google API key, which adds a layer of complexity. Once secured, you’ll connect it to your YouTube Channel ID, and the plugin will generate shortcodes for your use. These shortcodes, equipped with various parameters, offer flexibility in controlling the appearance of your videos and can be easily integrated anywhere on your WordPress site.

When you initiate a live stream on YouTube, the same feed will be mirrored on your website. After concluding the live stream, you have the option to set a fallback video or playlist that will automatically play.

It’s essential to note that this plugin operates effectively only if your live stream is public and allows embedding on third-party sites.

Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

advanced wp backgrounds

With Advanced WordPress Backgrounds, you can turn your YouTube videos into stunning parallax backgrounds for your website.

This plugin is compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos, offering a range of controls to customize the speed, opacity, scroll effects, and scale of the video.

After installation, you can easily access it within the Gutenberg block editor or use the provided shortcode to incorporate the background into any page on your site.

We hope this article has been beneficial in guiding you toward discovering the most effective WordPress plugins customized for YouTubers.