WordPress popup plugin helps in increasing leads/email lists. An effective WordPress popup plugin plays an important role in transforming your website visitors into valuable email subscribers and paying customers.

With multiple options available, it’s essential to choose wisely, as many WordPress popup plugins can impact your website’s speed, provide inaccurate statistics, or even lead to more significant issues.

This article compares and assesses the top WordPress popup plugins in the market to help you choose the best option for increasing your website’s conversion rates.

Things to Look for in WordPress Popup Plugins:

The main goal of integrating popup plugins on your WordPress site is to capture leads and grow your email list. Popups must be used carefully to avoid irritating visitors and damaging user experience and brand image on WordPress.

For an optimal user experience that maximizes conversions, choose a solution with seamless interaction, precise targeting, and customization options.

Performance poses another challenge with many WordPress popup plugins. Since numerous plugins utilize WordPress for tracking analytics, this significantly burdens the server, leading to website slowdowns.

It’s crucial to choose a WordPress popup plugin that boosts conversion rates without slowing down your website’s speed, as slow page speeds can harm your SEO performance.

Lastly, ensure compatibility between the chosen WordPress popup plugin and your hosting environment. Multiple plugins are inadequately coded, resulting in incompatibility with advanced caching solutions commonly utilized by hosting providers. Consequently, advanced features such as A/B testing and reporting may malfunction.


optin monster

OptinMonster stands out as the go-to lead generation software currently dominating the market. Its primary function is to convert website visitors into valuable subscribers and customers.

This powerful WordPress popup builder is packed with comprehensive targeting and personalization features, making it the top choice for optimizing your conversion potential with a marketing professional.

Key Features of OptinMonster:

optin montser campaign setup

OptinMonster offers an extensive range of targeting and personalization features, including popups, fullscreen welcome mats, floating bars, scroll boxes, and more.

The targeting functionalities are exceptionally versatile, enabling you to focus on users based on the page they are exploring, their activity on your site, geo-location, and multiple other parameters.

Moreover, OptinMonster enables you to establish personalized rules for popup display, ensuring a tailored and highly effective approach to engaging your audience.

  • Present visually appealing popups that seamlessly integrate with your website design without being intrusive.
  • Capture the user’s attention as they’re about to leave your site, providing a last chance for engagement.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities are used, including page-level, geo, on-site retargeting, and device-based targeting, to effectively tailor messages.
  • Detect Adblock users and display targeted messages to encourage interaction.
  • Ensure optimal display on smaller devices with mobile-friendly campaigns.
  • Trigger popups based on exit intent, scrolling, inactivity sensors, time-based triggers, and more for enhanced engagement.
  • Access a lot of professionally designed popup templates for quick customization.
  • Easily create custom popups using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, allowing for personalized images, fonts, and styles.
  • Choose from various campaign types including inline/after-post options, floating notification bars, countdown timers, full-screen welcome mats, coupon wheel popups, and more to suit your specific needs.
  • Trigger popups by clicking on designated links within your content for targeted engagement.
  • Sweeten popup visual appeal with CSS animations and sound effects using Monster Effects™ technology.
  • It also has interactive popup options such as Yes/No prompts and two-step opt-ins for enhanced user engagement.
  • Integrate easily with leading email marketing services, contact form plugins, eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify, and more for functionality.

OptinMonster is a comprehensive WordPress popup builder that includes everything you need to grow your email list and increase conversions.


OptinMonster operates independently of your WordPress hosting resources as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, providing exceptional performance as its primary advantage.

OptinMonster ensures fast page loads by loading asynchronously, which is critical for improving user experience and maintaining SEO performance.

OptinMonster’s unique analytics storage approach eliminates dependency on WordPress, providing the utmost accuracy in statistics. This flexibility allows easy integration with any hosting environment.

Ease of Use:

OptinMonster simplifies the popup creation process with its intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Users can effortlessly design custom popups by incorporating backgrounds, selecting colors, images, and fonts, and integrating text and sign-up forms.

optin monster popup

Alternatively, for those seeking convenience, OptinMonster offers a selection of professionally prepared popup templates. Each template is fully customizable through a user-friendly point-and-click editor, facilitating easy modification to suit specific preferences.

Integrating popups into your website is straightforward, requiring no manual editing of WordPress files or additional coding. The process is simplified with the installation of the dedicated OptinMonster WordPress connector plugin.


OptinMonster offers flexible pricing plans, with subscriptions starting from $9 per month when billed annually.


trust pulse

TrustPulse is a WordPress popup plugin designed to strengthen social proof in boosting conversions on your website.

By displaying social-proof notifications, TrustPulse helps to cultivate user trust, produce the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect, and stimulate increased user engagement, ultimately driving more sign-ups and purchases.

Key Features of TrustPulse:

trust pulse popup

TrustPulse determines itself among the top WordPress popup plugins with its unique set of features tailored to enhance user trust and engagement through quiet yet impactful popups.

  • TrustPulse leverages urgency and social proof to trigger the FOMO effect, compelling users to take action such as signing up or completing a purchase.
  • With real-time tracking capabilities, TrustPulse showcases live notifications of purchases, user activity, and sign-ups, providing dynamic and up-to-the-minute social proof.
  • TrustPulse employs intelligent targeting strategies to deliver social proof popups to the most relevant users at precisely the right moment, maximizing their effectiveness.
  • Whether opting for the default design or customizing it to align with your brand identity, TrustPulse offers easy customization options to tailor the popups to your preferences effortlessly.


For eCommerce businesses, speed is essential to drive more sales on your website. TrustPulse excels in this aspect by not impacting your page load speed, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, TrustPulse operates independently of your WordPress hosting resources. All the code responsible for displaying popups loads asynchronously from cloud servers, ensuring a quick and efficient performance.

Ease of Use:

TrustPulse simplifies the setup process with an incredibly user-friendly interface. The default social proof popup functions effectively with minimal modifications required.

trustpulse popup campaign

The platform offers an intuitive interface, enabling easy customization of popups, setting up targeting parameters, viewing statistics, and executing custom campaigns for your online store.


TrustPulse provides a hassle-free entry with a free tier covering up to 500 sessions per month. Beyond that, pricing starts from $5 per month when billed annually, offering flexibility and scalability for businesses of varying sizes.

Thrive Leads


Thrive Leads arises as a widely recognized popup plugin for WordPress, trusted by over 114,000 website owners worldwide. This plugin offers a collection of visually appealing popup templates and a user-friendly popup builder, facilitating easy customization.

Moreover, Thrive Leads has advanced targeting capabilities, enabling the delivery of personalized offers to visitors based on various criteria such as posts, categories, tags, and more.

Key Features of Thrive Leads:

thriveleads wp dashboard

Thrive Leads is designed to facilitate lead generation and email list growth on your WordPress site. Here’s a brief overview of its unique features:

  • Thrive Leads offers various options such as lightbox popups, inline forms, 2-step opt-ins, slide-in forms, content lock, scroll mats, screen fillers, and more to cater to different user preferences.
  • Customize sign-up forms effortlessly with a simple drag-and-drop editor, allowing for seamless design modifications.
  • Uses vital A/B testing functionality and detailed analytics to optimize the performance of your forms and enhance conversion rates.
  • Choose from multiple trigger options, including exit, time, scroll, and click triggers, to determine when popups are displayed.
  • Target specific pages based on categories, tags, post types, and more, ensuring tailored messaging for different audience segments.
  • Hide popups or display different offers to existing subscribers, allowing for personalized engagement and enhanced user experience.
  • Thrive Leads easily integrates with all major email services, facilitating the process of capturing leads and managing email lists.
  • Ensure optimal display on small devices with mobile-friendly popups, enhancing accessibility and user experience across various platforms.


Thrive Leads aims to achieve a balance between performance and features, although it may lag slightly behind other solutions such as OptinMonster in terms of speed.

As a single WordPress plugin, Thrive Leads operates within your WordPress environment, using your hosting resources. However, this dependence on local resources can sometimes lead to compatibility issues, particularly with certain hosting providers or popular caching plugins, affecting the functionality of features like reporting and A/B testing.

Ease of Use:

Thrive Leads offers a user-friendly experience with multiple templates available for customization. Additionally, it provides a basic popup maker equipped with drag-and-drop functionality to tailor your popup forms to your preferences.

thriveleads builder

Although the platform is generally easy to use, beginners might encounter a slight learning curve when configuring popups on their website. The interface could present certain options such as Lead Groups, Lead Shortcodes, and Thrive Boxes without detailed explanations, which might require users to explore these features independently to understand their functionality.


Thrive Leads offers pricing starting from $99 per year for a single site license, providing access to its range of features and functionalities.



Bloom is a well-known WordPress popup plugin developed by Elegant Themes, a player in the commercial WordPress theme industry.

As a standalone WordPress popup plugin, Bloom offers a user-friendly solution, specially designed for bloggers, with its intuitive WordPress popup maker.

Key Features of Bloom:

bloom user interface

Bloom offers a range of features that address fundamental needs for an effective WordPress popup plugin. These include:

  • Easily set up an automatic lightbox popup to capture visitor attention.
  • Choose from various opt-in types such as sidebar, slide-in, and below post signup forms to suit your preferences.
  • Target specific posts or pages with basic targeting options to tailor your popup displays.
  • Execute basic triggers like time delay, form submission, and scroll triggers to optimize popup engagement.
  • Access pre-designed popup templates and customize them effortlessly to match your brand aesthetics and messaging.
  • Easily integrate Bloom with popular email service providers, facilitating the process of capturing leads and managing email lists.


Bloom operates as a standalone WordPress plugin, meaning it loads all its code directly from your WordPress site. While this approach uses your server resources, it could potentially impact your page load time.

Efforts have been made to optimize the code and adhere to WordPress best practices to mitigate performance issues. However, on busy sites with limited server resources, Bloom depends on server-side loading which may result in slower website performance.

Furthermore, depending on your WordPress caching plugin settings, certain features such as reporting stats and A/B testing might not function as expected.

Ease of Use:

Bloom offers exceptional ease of use, featuring a precise drag-and-drop popup maker. Creating new email opt-ins with Bloom is a simple process, and the user interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

bloom popup template

However, users may face challenges when configuring display settings. The quantity of options available can be overwhelming, leading to some confusion in navigating the user interface.


Starting from $89 per year. This membership provides access to a range of premium themes and plugins, offering value for WordPress users looking to boost their website’s functionality.



Sumo is a free WordPress popup plugin that enables you to create simple popups for your website. Additionally, they offer a premium version with expanded features.

Key Features of Sumo:

sumo panel
  • Create free WordPress popups and opt-in forms effortlessly.
  • Use multiple opt-in forms to cater to diverse needs.
  • Easily connects with popular email marketing platforms for simplified integration.
  • Access a variety of styles and templates to enhance the visual appeal of your popups.
  • Basic A/B testing and statistics functionality are provided for your forms.
  • Note that the free version has limitations in features and displays Sumo branding on your popups.


Sumo optimizes performance by loading code asynchronously, minimizing its impact. However, the performance impact may vary depending on your campaign design.

Ease of Use:

Sumo integrates with your WordPress site, although managing your account and designing campaigns is done through the Sumo dashboard on their website.

sumo dashboard

While there is a learning curve, navigating the campaign builder can be slightly challenging. Integrations and targeting may require additional effort to master.


Sumo offers a forever-free plan, along with a premium plan priced at $39 per month.



User Feedback is one of the premium WordPress Popup plugins, that allows you to gather real-time feedback from your website visitors.

In addition to gaining valuable insights from your audience, you can also capture emails, collect star ratings, and more.

Key Features of User Feedback:

userfeedback email popup
  • Easily create popups to collect feedback and capture email addresses.
  • Access over 20 popup templates, including options for website feedback, phone lead forms, satisfaction surveys, post-purchase reviews, content engagement, and more.
  • Customize fields such as multiple-choice questions, free-form questions, email capture, star ratings, Net Promoter Score, and more. 
  • Use targeting rules to display your feedback popup on specific pages.
  • Redirect users to a custom page after completing the form.
  • Schedule popup forms to display during defined periods, ideal for promotions.
  • Add your logo and customize the popup widget colors to align with your brand.
  • Benefit from built-in reporting to analyze responses and integrations with Google Analytics and Monster Insights.
  • Create unlimited popups and receive unlimited responses.


UserFeedback guarantees optimal site speed by loading a minimal script asynchronously when a popup is triggered, preventing any slowdowns on your WordPress site.

Ease of Use:

Setting up and using UserFeedback is incredibly straightforward. Simply install the plugin, and you’ll be operational within minutes.

userfeedback popup builder

To create a popup feedback form, choose from pre-made templates or design your popup from scratch. Adding questions and form fields is as easy as point-and-click.

Moreover, configuring settings such as display timing, device targeting, display length, survey runtime, and more is a breeze.


UserFeedback starts at $49.50 per year. There’s also a free version available for users to get started with.

popup maker

Popup Maker simplifies the process of creating pop-ups, slide-ins, and banners, aiming to improve your revenue and expand your email list effortlessly.

With a comprehensive toolkit at your disposal, you can engage visitors effectively without any hassle.

Key Features of Popup Maker:

  • Popup Maker offers various types of pop-ups.
  • It includes a user-friendly built-in editor for customization.
  • The plugin integrates seamlessly with popular form builder services like WP Forms and Ninja Forms.
  • It supports compatibility with leading email marketing services such as HubSpot and Constant Contact.
  • Popup Maker provides multiple triggering options and cookie creation events.
  • These features allow targeting specific visitors to maximize conversions effectively.


Popup Maker prioritizes performance by providing smooth operation and minimal impact on website speed. The plugin’s vital functionality and optimized coding framework contribute to a seamless user experience for both website administrators and visitors.

Ease of Use:

Setting up and using Popup Maker is straightforward, thanks to its intuitive interface and user-friendly features. Whether customizing pop-up designs or configuring triggering options, users can navigate the platform with ease, minimizing the learning curve associated with pop-up creation.


Popup Maker offers a free version with essential features to get you started. Premium plans, priced between $87 to $247 per year, unlock advanced functionalities such as premium extensions, comprehensive pop-up analytics, and WooCommerce integration.

Closing Remarks

After carefully considering the criteria we established, Optin Monster emerges as the top choice for the best WordPress popup plugin. Its exceptional speed and conversion-boosting tools set it apart from the competition.

Optin Monster stands out for its user-friendly interface, offering many stunning popup templates and a simple drag-and-drop editor. Moreover, its compatibility with popular CRMs, email marketing platforms, WordPress form plugins, custom HTML forms, and more ensures integration with your existing tools.

WordPress Popup Plugins are all about timing and relevancy. Optin Monster in this aspect with its powerful page-level targeting options, personalization features, and event-based triggers, allowing you to display popups precisely when and where they’re most impactful.

For eCommerce businesses, combining Optin Monster with Trust Pulse is highly recommended. This powerful duo enables you to leverage social proof alongside Optin Monster’s cart abandonment features, maximizing conversions and enhancing customer trust.

We hope this article has provided valuable insights to help you select the best WordPress popup plugin for your website.