Rating Plugin for WordPress Will Boost Your Website’s Attraction with Star Ratings So Are you in search of the highest star-rating plugins for WordPress? Combining star ratings on your website not only allows customers to review your products and services but also improves your social proof.

Discover the top star Rating Plugin for WordPress in this comprehensive guide, simplifying the process of adding star ratings to your WordPress website easily.

Why select a Star Rating Plugin for WordPress?

A star Rating Plugin for WordPress offers a consistent way to include customer and client reviews on your website, complete with built-in star ratings. The popularity of the star rating system lies in its power to provide visitors with a quick outline of your product and benefit quality, serving as important social verification.

While WordPress lacks a born star rating quality, you can easily bridge the opening with the right WordPress plugin. With a star rating plugin, you gain the ability to collect and showcase star ratings throughout your WordPress site, consistently combining them with customer testimonials and reviews.

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WPForms stands out as the premier WordPress form plugin, serving a user base of over 5 million WordPress users.

What sets it apart is its unmatched user-friendliness, catering perfectly to beginners. Additionally, it offers a bundle of best features, including the capability for users to submit ratings via your forms.

Combining a star rating field into your forms is a breeze. Simply locate to the Rating field option in the intuitive drag-and-drop form builder.

More than this, you can easily combine star ratings with a testimonial form using the Testimonial Form Template found in the Form Templates Pack addon.

This simplifies approach allows you to easily collect ratings, reviews, and testimonials all within a single platform.

Reviews Feed Pro – Smash Balloon

smash balloon instagram feed

Reviews Feed Pro plugin by Smash Balloon simplifies the process of showcasing reviews with star ratings from popular platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor directly on your WordPress website.

If your business has accumulated various positive reviews across these platforms, combining them into your site can significantly improve its social proof and credibility.

Once the plugin is installed and configured, it automatically recovers your latest reviews, saving you time and ensuring that your website constantly reflects the most current star ratings.

Key features of Reviews Feed Pro include various layout options, a user-friendly feed editor with customization capabilities, moderation tools for selectively hiding specific reviews, and more.

By utilizing a shortcode provided by the plugin, you can easily embed your starred reviews and testimonials anywhere on your website, whether it’s within pages, posts, or even sidebar and footer widgets.

Additionally, there’s a free version of Reviews Feed available for those who want to explore its capabilities before opting for the Pro version.

Site Reviews

site reviews plugin

Site Reviews plugin allows your website’s visitors to share star ratings ranging from 1 to 5 stars. By using this plugin, you can easily showcasing your top-rated reviews, ensuring that your visitors encounter them first.

The plugin includes an in-built approval mechanism, granting you the ability to review ratings before they are publicly displayed on your site. This feature effectively protects against spam and fake reviews that could potentially harm your business reputation.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to fix user login priority to allowing them to submit star ratings, providing an additional layer of control.

By using this plugin, you gain the capability to engage with reviews, easily combine reviews and star ratings throughout your website, and unlock various other functionalities.

All in One SEO


All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is a top-notch SEO Rating Plugin for WordPress available today, trusted by more than 3 million websites. It provides an extensive suite of SEO tools aimed at improving your website’s ranking easily.

With its setup wizard, AIOSEO guides you through selecting optimal SEO configurations made to your website.

Moreover, AIOSEO incorporates product review schema markup, enabling you to include star ratings visible in search results.

Using AIOSEO’s search engine schema improves your search engine visibility, ultimately driving increased traffic to your website through rich snippets.

Easy Testimonials

easy testimonials

Easy Testimonials allows you to easily input user testimonials and reviews, complete with star Rating Plugin for WordPress, directly from your WordPress dashboard. This functionality proves specifically user-friendly when employing plugins such as WPForms to gather star ratings.

With a bundle of input options at your disposal, you can create each review to perfection. Customize the star rating, specify the product or service utilized, and input the individual’s name, email, and even their company role.

The free version of this Rating Plugin for WordPress offers various themes and blocks compatible with the WordPress block editor, allowing you to showcase your starred reviews with ease. Alternatively, you can utilize the provided shortcode to easily combine reviews into your website.

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

yith woocommerce advance reviews

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews improves and enriches the default review feature in WooCommerce, making it among the top-rated product Rating plugins for WordPress for WordPress.

While the standard WooCommerce review functionality allows users to submit basic reviews and star ratings, it’s crucial to enhance this aspect given the increasing significance of reviews as social proof.

This Rating Plugin for WordPress effectively upgrades your WooCommerce review section to mirror the functionality of Amazon’s review section. Customers can now provide a review title, attach images, and assign a star rating, thereby improving their feedback.

By using this Rating Plugin for WordPress you gain the ability to showcase the total count of specific star ratings received for each product, offering valuable insights to potential buyers.

Rate My Post

rate my post plugin

Rate My Post is an innovative Rating Plugin for WordPress designed to improve user engagement with your content. By allowing visitors to submit star ratings to your posts and pages, you gain valuable insights into the reception of your writing, facilitating regular improvement.

In addition to star ratings, users have the opportunity to provide private feedback alongside their ratings. This dual feedback mechanism enables a more comprehensive understanding of audience preferences and areas for refinement.

One standout feature of this plugin is the ability to showcase star reviews prominently before your posts, serving as social proof for prospective readers. This not only highlights the quality of your content but also encourages further interaction.

By using this Rating Plugin for WordPress, Rate My Post offers a comprehensive stats section, empowering you to track the performance of your posts effectively. By identifying the most popular content, you can tailor your writing to better resonate with your audience.

Additionally, the inclusion of a top posts widget allows you to prominently display your highest-rated content in the sidebar, further maximizing its visibility and impact.


optin monster

OptinMonster stands out as the best Rating Plugin for WordPress popups and conversion optimization. Using this tool allows you to build visually appealing popups, integrate countdown timers, incorporate floating headers, and explore a myriad of other features.

What makes OptinMonster truly exceptional is its unparalleled customization options, enabling you to create the user experience precisely for your audience. Whether it’s adding star ratings, integrating user testimonials, or implementing other personalized elements, the possibilities are endless.

By providing such a ready-made marketing approach, you can significantly enhance your conversion rates. Additionally, OptinMonster easily combines with popular WordPress form plugins and leading email marketing services, offering versatility and ease of use.


So, there you have it—making your WordPress site sparkle with a Star Rating Plugin for WordPress is as easy as pie! These plugins are like magic wands, turning your customer reviews into a glittering display of stars. From super simple ones like WPForms to cool and versatile picks like Reviews Feed Pro, there’s a plugin for every taste.

Get ready to shine online and make friends with your visitors by letting them share their thoughts with stars. It’s not too difficult it’s just a group of friendly plugins here to make your website even more amazing with Rating Plugin for WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I really need a Rating Plugin for WordPress on my WordPress site?

   Absolutely! It’s like giving your visitors a high-five for sharing their opinions. Plus, it makes your stuff look even cooler with those shiny stars.

2. Are these plugins easy peasy for someone like me who’s not a tech guru?

   Yup, they’re designed for folks like you! No crazy tech skills are needed. Just install and play around. It’s like adding stickers to your favorite notebook—simple and fun.

3. Can I show off stars from Facebook and Google on my site?

   Totally! With plugins like Reviews Feed Pro, you can brag about all the awesome things people say on different websites. It’s like wearing a collection of medals but for your website.

4. How do I know which plugin is my perfect match?

   Consider what your website needs. If you want to be an SEO superstar, All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is your mate. If you want to hear what people think about each post, give Rate My Post a shot.

5. Can I test these Rating Plugin for WordPress without breaking the bank?

   Absolutely! Some of them, like Reviews Feed and UserFeedback Lite, have free versions. It’s like a taste test before committing. Try them out, and see which one adds the most sparkle to your site!

So, go ahead, sprinkle some star magic on your website, and watch it light up with happy vibes!