Tip Jar plugins offer a valuable solution for WordPress users seeking to gather donations easily on their websites. Whether you are a non-profit organization or a content creator, combining a tip jar can help monetize your platform. This article analyzes the full tip jar plugins for WordPress, clearing light on their strengths and weaknesses.

Why use Tip Jar Plugins for WordPress?

A digital tip jar operates much like its physical counterpart, serving as a platform for your audience to express gratitude for your efforts by contributing a few dollars.

The reasons for including one in your platform are:

  • If you’re a musician, artist, or writer sharing your creations online, you might seek additional financial support.
  • Developers of free software may wish to offer users an opportunity to contribute, ensuring continued provision of the software without charge.
  • Hosting free online classes? Donations could sustain the initiative.
  • Exploring avenues for monetizing your blog? A tip jar might be the solution.

Tip jars essentially function as simplified donation forms typically situated in a website’s sidebar for easy access.

Simplicity is key when setting up your tip jar to encourage user engagement.

Choosing the right plugin is important, as certain options offer additional features made to your specific requirements.

It’s worth noting that some plugins necessitate an SSL certificate for security purposes, a step we strongly advise regardless of obligatory requirements. If you’re yet to acquire an SSL certificate, our tutorial can guide you through the process of obtaining one.

Now, let’s talk about some top tip jar plugins available for WordPress.

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wp charitable plugin

Charitable is a unique fundraising and donation tool designed for WordPress, trusted by more than 10,000 non-profit organizations to gather funds online.

Yet, its utility extends beyond non-profits. You can use Charitable as a tip jar to receive donations for your individual aims or projects.


  1. User-friendly setup, enabling the design of fund raising campaigns within minutes.
  2. Customizable donation forms catering to specific needs.
  3. Perfect combo with payment ways such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, and more.


  1. Restricted functionality for recurring donations without opting for the Charitable Plus plan, which comes at a relatively more increased price.
  2. Charitable Plus plan conditions to a single WordPress site.

Why Recommend Charitable?

Charitable is popular among WordPress users for online donations, coupled with easy combination with Easy Digital Downloads. The plugin facilitates the sale of digital products, enhancing fundraising capabilities.

Pricing: Charitable offers a free version with basic features. Paid plans commence at $99/year, ensuring unlimited campaigns, donors, and no transaction fees.



WPForms is the premier WordPress forms plugin, trusted by over 6 million website owners worldwide. With WPForms, crafting a tip jar made to your brand’s specifications is easy.

Renowned as one of the top choices among WordPress plugins, WPForms offers a plethora of pre-designed templates.

These templates allow you to easily generate various types of WordPress forms with just a single click. Whether you need a contact form, survey form, registration form, donation form, or any other form, WPForms has got you covered.


  1. Beginner-friendly interface.
  2. Dedicated WPForms Donation Form template for quick tip jar setup.
  3. Support for different payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Authorize.net.


  1. Regular donation feature limited to the WPForms Pro and Elite plans, which come at a price.
  2. WPForms Pro plan expenses are justified by additional payment options and advanced addons.

Why Recommend WPForms

WPForms offers a user-friendly solution, ideal for WordPress users seeking to include forms into their websites easily.

Specifically made for facilitating donations and tip collections, WPForms enables you to provide incentives in exchange for contributions.

For example, as a musician, you can offer exclusive recordings unavailable to the public. Alternatively, if you’re a software designer, granting users access to the beta version of your latest software could be enticing.

This feature not only boosts donation levels but also rapidly fills up your tip jar.

Pricing: WPForms Pro, available at $199.50 per year, facilitates one-time and recurring donations without additional transaction fees.


give wp plugin

GiveWP, also known simply as Give, emerges as an exceptional donations plugin tailored for WordPress, serving a bundle of features.

It stands out, particularly for nonprofits, yet its versatility extends to personal and for-profit usage alike.


  1. The array of options within GiveWP is extensive. Donors can contribute in their preferred currency, and the platform supports recurring donations.
  2. Setting fundraising goals is easy with GiveWP, allowing fundraisers to aim towards specific targets. This feature can be particularly advantageous for incentivizing audiences with promises of additional content or services upon reaching milestones.
  3. Moreover, GiveWP easily integrates with numerous payment gateways, including but not limited to Stripe, PayPal, and Square.


  1. GiveWP offers various addons to enhance functionality, the Basic plan only includes essential addons. Access to premium options necessitates opting for the Plus or Pro plans, incurring additional costs.
  2. Furthermore, the recurring donation feature is exclusive to the GiveWP Plus plan and above, potentially making it pricier compared to alternatives such as WPForms and Charitable.

Why Recommending GiveWP?

Getting started with GiveWP is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly interface and accompanying quick start guide.

Customization options for donation forms are plentiful, although users prioritizing complete control over form design might find WPForms more suitable.

Pricing: While GiveWP offers a free version with limited features, paid plans start at $149 per year. Opting for the Plus version at $349 per year grants access to all options.

PayPal Donations

paypal donations plugin

PayPal Donations is a straightforward WordPress plugin that enables you to receive donations via PayPal, and easily merge them into your website. Setting it up is a breeze.

With the PayPal Donations widget, you can easily add a tip jar to your sidebar or footer.


  1. Swift Setup: Need a tip jar pronto? This plugin offers a quick solution. And the best part? It won’t cost you a dime, making it ideal if you’re not anticipating a flood of donations.
  2. Currency Flexibility: Take control of your preferred currency for tips. Additionally, you can set a default donation amount according to your preferences.
  3. Customized Thank You Page: Express your gratitude by directing donors to a personalized “thank you” page after contributing to your tip jar.


  1. Solely PayPal Payments: True to its name, PayPal Donations exclusively processes donations via PayPal. If you desire a broader range of payment options, you might need to explore alternative plugins.

Why do we recommend PayPal Donations?

For starters, it simplifies the donation process, keeping things simple and efficient. Whether you choose for a custom PayPal donate button or utilize one of the pre-designed options, donors can contribute perfectly using their PayPal accounts.

Pricing: PayPal Donations is a free plugin.

Tip Jar WP

tip jar wp plugin

Tip Jar WP introduced in July 2019, has facilitated WordPress website users in generating over $1 million in revenue since its inception.

While it lacks some advanced features found in premium plugins like WPForms or GiveWP, Tip Jar WP remains a solid choice for incorporating tip jars into your WordPress platform.


  1. Tip Jar WP simplifies the donation process for your donors, offering a user-friendly setup experience.
  2. The default form boasts an appealing design and intuitive usability, suitable for placement in various sections of your website such as the sidebar or footer.
  3. Integration is straightforward, whether embedding the form within a page or post via WordPress’s block editor or incorporating it into the sidebar using a shortcode.


  1. Despite its feature-rich nature, Tip Jar WP does not integrate with PayPal, a widely favored payment method.
  2. Some users might prefer the option to pay via PayPal, as opposed to credit card or other supported mobile payment methods.
  3. The plugin imposes a 1% commission on all transactions, even for donations.

Reasons for Recommending Tip Jar WP

Tip Jar WP easily combines with all WordPress page builders and boasts a responsive design ensuring optimal display across various devices.

It supports recurring payments, accommodates donations on a weekly or monthly basis, and offers compatibility with multiple currencies.

Payment options include credit card processing, and the plugin automatically detects whether a user’s device supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay, presenting the appropriate option accordingly.

Pricing: Tip Jar WP is available for free; however, it levies a 1% transaction fee on donations. For websites experiencing a high volume of donations, alternative plugins might offer more cost-effective solutions.

Buy Me a Coffee

buy me a coffee

Buy Me a Coffee plugin comes courtesy of the Buy Me a Coffee online platform. To utilize it, you’ll have to sign up for an account, which comes at no cost.

Your supporters have various payment options at their disposal, including PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others, enabling them to send donations your way.


  1. Buy Me a Coffee serves as a complimentary tip jar plugin. Upon installation, it easily merges with your WordPress site via a straightforward widget.
  2. it’s worth noting that what Buy Me a Coffee refers to as their “widget” isn’t the typical WordPress widget added to your sidebar. Instead, upon activation, it manifests as a small coffee cup at the bottom right corner of all your website pages, expanding upon clicking. so, you also have the option to include a button into your sidebar by utilizing the Buy Me a Coffee WordPress widget found in Appearance » Widgets.
  3. It facilitates both one-time and recurring donations, and you can leverage it to offer donors exclusive content or even vend digital products.


  1. One drawback is the lack of comprehensive documentation for the WordPress plugin, unlike its online platform counterpart. Additionally, some users have encountered difficulties in accessing customer support.
  2. The second downside is the imposition of a 5% commission on all transactions, which can accumulate if you receive numerous donations.

Why We Recommend Buy Me a Coffee

The Buy Me a Coffee plugin features a visually appealing widget straight out of the box.

Moreover, it’s easily customizable, allowing you to tweak the color and text with a mere click within your WordPress dashboard.

However, you’re unable to adjust the donation amounts; supporters can only contribute in multiples of $3.

Pricing: Buy Me a Coffee is free to use, it does levy a 5% transaction fee on all donations. This might be justifiable if you intend to make use of the online platform’s full array of features.

WP Simple Pay

wp simple pay plugin

WP Simple Pay, recognized as the top WordPress Stripe payment plugin, extends its functionality to serve as a tip jar plugin with donation options.


  1. Multiple donation options, including recurring donations and custom amounts.
  2. Donation form template for quick setup.
  3. No additional transaction fees with premium plans.

Why Recommend WP Simple Pay?

WP Simple Pay provides a seamless experience for Stripe payments, making it an optimal choice for users focused on collecting donations through this platform.

Pricing: WP Simple Pay offers a free version with a 3% transaction fee. Premium plans start at $49.50/year with no additional transaction fees.

Choosing the Ideal WordPress Tip Jar Plugin

Selecting the best tip jar plugin for your WordPress site depends on your specific needs. WPForms excels in simplicity and versatility, while

Charitable is a trusted option for non-profits. GiveWP offers diverse options for fundraising goals, and Buy Me a Coffee provides a visually appealing widget. Formidable Forms suits developers seeking intricate form-building capabilities, and Tip Jar WP offers simplicity with a 1% transaction fee. Consider your requirements and preferences to determine the optimal WordPress tip jar plugin for your platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: So, what’s the deal with these tip jar plugins, and how can they jazz up my WordPress space?

Imagine a tip jar plugin as the digital version of a warm round of applause. It’s the friendly virtual gesture your audience can use to say, “Hey, your content rocks, and here’s a little something to show our love!” These plugins seamlessly embed into your WordPress site, making the appreciation process smooth and delightful.

Q2: Why on earth would I want a tip jar chilling on my WordPress corner?

Well, feel of it as a preference hub. Whether you’re an artist, musician, or the heart behind a virtual classroom, a tip jar gives your audience the chance to scream, “We love what you’re doing!” and toss in a small digital high-five in the form of a donation.

Q3: Where’s the sweet spot to place this tip jar magic on my website?

Picture it like finding the perfect spot for your favorite cozy chair. While the sidebar is the classic choice, the beauty lies in customization – you can place it wherever it feels right in your digital home.

Q4: How do I pick the tip jar that vibes perfectly with my WordPress kingdom?

Choosing a tip jar plugin is like picking the color palette for your masterpiece. Consider things like how easy it is to use, whether it clicks with your website, the payment options it offers, and any extra features that make it feel like an extension of your creative self.

Q5: Can this tip jar groove to the beat of recurring donations?

Absolutely! Some tip jar plugins, like Charitable and WPForms, offer the cool feature of recurring donations. It’s like having a virtual fan club that never misses a beat.

Q6: Can I use these tip jar vibes for my non-profit’s fundraising shenanigans?

For sure! Many tip jar plugins are like the behind-the-scenes heroes of online fundraising for non-profits. They come packed with features that make it a breeze for your supporters to contribute to your cause.

Q7: Are there any backstage fees for these tip jar plugins?

Well, it depends on the plugin. Some, like Tip Jar WP and PayPal Donations, are like street performers who’ll entertain for free but might appreciate a small tip. Others, like the premium versions of WP Simple Pay, offer a front-row experience without any extra fees.

Q8: How do I give my tip jar that personal touch, like a digital extension of myself?

Treat your tip jar like your personal canvas. Plugins like Buy Me a Coffee and Tip Jar WP let you customize its appearance right from your WordPress dashboard. Change colors, tweak text – make it uniquely and unmistakably you!